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Lessons are personalized for each student and take into consideration the student’s skill-level, rate of comprehension and advancement, personal goals, and creative interests. While still keeping the student’s preferences and enjoyment in mind, all curriculums are designed to establish a solid foundation and understanding of music through an emphasis on:

  • Method, introductory theory, and sight reading
  • Scales & key signatures, tablature, and chords
  • Rhythm and speed/accuracy exercises

Songs by current or popular artists will be taught to students who can provide the following:

  • A copy of the recording on an IPod or a CD (I have an iPod dock and CD player in the studio)
  • A copy of sheet music in either TAB or score format with chord diagrams


I am currently accepting students of all ages at beginner, advanced beginner, intermediate, and advanced intermediate skill-levels. I teach both acoustic and electric guitars.


Lessons are 30 minutes each. There are 4 lessons provided per month (one lesson per week). If there is a fifth occurrence in the month for the student’s assigned lesson day, there will be no lesson on the fifth day. (See calendar for 'no class' days.)

Students are responsible for being on-time to each of their lessons. If the student is late, their lesson will not be extended to accommodate the missed time as lessons run back-to-back and the next student will be waiting.


I am currently teaching Tuesday-Thursday. My current rate is $115 per month. Payment secures the student’s assigned lesson time for the full month.


Payment is due on the 4th lesson of the month to secure the student’s time slot for the next month. If the student intends to be absent on the day of their 4th lesson, payment is due on the 3rd lesson of the month or payments can be dropped off at the studio location any time during business hours on the 4th week. (See calendar for payment due dates.)

I accept cash or check payments. Late payments may be subject to a $20 late fee.

Payments are non-refundable. Payment reserves the student’s assigned lesson time for the full month. No other student can be assigned that time slot once payment is made. If the student misses a lesson, a refund will not be provided as payment is for the time booked and not the instruction provided.

Absences and Make-up Lessons

If the student intends to be absent from a lesson, or series of lessons, please notify me or the studio as soon as possible.

Make-up lessons will not be provided due to student absence unless specific arrangements have been made between me and the student prior to the missed lesson.

I make every effort to attend all scheduled lessons — including those that fall on holidays, if the studio is open. If I am unable to make a lesson, I will notify the student or their guardian of my absence and a make-up lesson will be scheduled.

Discontinuation of Lessons

If the student elects to discontinue lessons, please inform me before the end of the month so that the student’s time slot can be offered to another student for the following month.